Bunny Map Update

As promised, here is the updated version of our mutant Cheddar Bunny map. As you can see, in the past week we have covered a lot of ground. We are on our way up to Boise tonight from Salt Lake City. So far the shows have been excellent, and we have been enjoying every minute of the tour.

Today marks the home stretch - maybe not geographically - but in just a few days we will make our way back to San Francisco and celebrate with a few shows in the bay area next weekend. But lets not get ahead of ourselves - we are still coming to Idaho, Washington, and Oregon!

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Annie's said...

I've never seen such creative use of a mutant Annie's cheddar bunny! You made us laugh here in the Annie's office, and I'd love to send you some other goodies try. If you'd like, please send your mailing address to events(at)annies(dot)com.

Safe journeys!
Aimee, Marketing Director, Annie's Homegrown