Black Rabbit

Its been a great month of slowly leaking songs from the new record, and yesterday, being the final Wednesday of July, means that the final song has been posted on the myspace page.

We are playing a few shows in the bay area over the weekend - you can find all details on our new website!!!

We will be posting fall tour dates soon, and the record hits the street on September 15th!


Redefining Never

To those who might have been offended by my original choice of photo - I apologize. I literally googled "Never Coming Out" and that popped up. Or out. Or whatever. Here is something a little more PC.

Its another Wednesday in July, so we added another song to our myspace page.

This week, Never Coming Out is featured. I really have no idea why I chose this photo to promote the song... probably because there are things that should come out, such as "Never Coming Out" and there are things that should actually never come out to see the light of day. Just take a listen and decide for yourself!


Week two - the power of intention

The second weds in July can only mean one thing - another new song from the upcoming album posted on the myspace page!

This week, we take a spirit journey with Datura. Whoah no what did we accidentally smoke? Or was it intentional? Its matters not: just get your fix until we post another new song next week.


Myspace update will feature weekly rollout of new songs!

Our myspace page is going to feature a new song from the upcoming record every Wednesday in July. This week, let the eagle inside you fly with "Rusty Gold".

The new myspace page is just the beginning - sometime during the summer we will unveil a brand new website and, of course, on September 15th the new record hits the streets followed by a national tour!


Livecast at Chessvolt studios!

Back in May, while we were in LA we had the great pleasure of doing an in studio recording for the Luxury Wafers blog. Its been edited down and posted on their website and is now ready for public consumption. Besides the video posted below, there are additional MP3's which you can listen to. Check it out!

Or, The Whale - Never Coming Out - Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.


Summer Tour Dates!

Before summer love, there has to be a lot of summer dates! Here is the list:

7/30 Starry Plough in Berkeley, CA
7/31 Verdi Club in SF, CA (acoustic set to benefit Bay Bridged - the good guys!)
8/13 Axe and Fiddle in Cottage Grove, OR
8/14 Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA
8/15 Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR

Our new record hits the streets in 82 days!!!

Until then, try not to blow off any fingers and happy Independence Day!