Venue Changes

Hey folks - we have a few last minute venue changes this week, including tomorrow night's show in Austin. Here's the scoop:

10/31 Halloween in Austin, TX at Cheer Up Charlies, 1104 E 6th st. Free show at 9:30pm

11/3 Mia's Lounge in Flagstaff, AZ, 26 S San Francisco st. Original show was on the 4th, so please note the new date and location. 9pm.



Our session from Rock Island is up on the daytrotter website. Check it out!


Beautiful Georgia

Last night at the drunken unicorn - so much awesome! The south has been great to us, and it's very beautiful here.

Tomorrow we're off to Mobile Alabama, where it will be even warmer. I think we have officially outrun the cold.


Hot Dogs for Breakfast!

Yes we can.

After another awesome night in Chattenooga, a new beautiful southern day begins, and it began with hot dogs courtesy of Good Dog. Or, the Whale recommends it.


Songs in the South

We've been having a great time in the south, playing with some great bands and meeting new friends.

We are half way through this thing - it's hard to believe how fast it's been going, and how much ground we have already covered.

Tonight is our last night in Tennessee. It's getting sunnier and warmer every mile south we go. What a beutiful part of the country and what an amazig time of year to be here!


What did we do?

We had a lot of fun in Huntington, WV last night. Maybe too much. 3 more weeks of tour, the beards will grow back - but I think we are all kind of digging this look.

And puppy!


Leaving New England

It's been an awesome run of shows in beautiful New England. Tonight is the last one at the Middle East in Boston. After this we head south, out of the cold. Tonight marks the farthest show from home at about 3090 something miles. So, in a way, you could say that after tonight we are on our way back home. However, we still have 4 glorious weeks ahead of us! We're just getting started!


Bushwick Music Studios

Hey folks - we have changed venues for our brooklyn show tonight. We are now at Bushwick Music Studios at 55 Waterbury st. Should be a fun show with great bands!


Rolling through the Midwest

The Midwest has been really good to us. We have spent the last few days hanging out and playing with These United States. After our first show together in Minnesota we had a day off together, which we spent bowling. We had some high stakes bets, which we mostly lost because it turns out that we stink at bowling.

But it was punk rock Monday so there would be no winners or losers. About half way into the second game the alley turned ultraviolet and the lanes turned into a psychedelic spectacle of flashing disco lights. After enough PBR to drown a horse the band sounded pretty awesome, and the bowling game disentergrated into punk rock angst, most of which we could identify with. Oh Youth, with all of your follies... Put a blast beat behind youself and some feedback and you'll have my attention.


Purpwhale Rain

It's pretty awesome to be hanging around the place where Purple Rain was filmed. The neighborhood seems to have changed a lot since the 80's - it's much more corporate now, but 1st Avenue and 7th Street Entry looked familiar. If you listen closely you can still hear the echoes of Prince's motorcycle in the alleyways.

Other perks of the Midwest: cheese curds. Julie and Tim bought a bag and everyone got to enjoy these squishy squeaky salty little clumps of delicious dairy.

And no, the orange color did not kill anybody, as one might think. (you know, those east coast cheese purists who scoff at orange coloring... yours truly for example)

Today we are enjoying a day off in Minneapolis with These United States. I'll post results of the bowling games - but I think we're gonna kick their asses! (keep your fingers crossed for OTW)


Mr Glen Sims

Perhaps the greatest bartender one can ask for on the first night of the tour. I was lucky to capture Glen smiling and having some fun with us before the show last night.

St Louis treated us well, and we are currently at a pizza joint in Rock Island, IL awaiting our load in for our daytrotter recording session. Tonight we are at the Rock Island Brewing Company as we make our way through the Midwest towards Chicago.

More soon!