Twin City Goodness

This is my Nephew Sam, and he is our most adorable fan.

And we took matters into our own hands at First Avenue.

Iowa bound.

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Points east tackled, headed west!

We have really enjoyed our week in the Midwest with Chamberlin. Man, after a week of 80 degree weather in Austin it took some getting used to the cold. Luckily the Midwestern diet of meat beer and cheese has softened the blow a bit.

Last night in Grand Rapids, MI marked our furthest point east on this leg of the tour. Technically that means we are exclusively driving west, and therefore finally heading home!

But not before a few last shows in the Midwest: we've got tonight in Madison, Tuesday in Minneapolis, and then we head over to Iowa.

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Rolling through the Midwest

We have officially left the warm weather and a few timezones in our wake as we take the show to the Midwest. Last night in St. Louis marked our first show of 15 with Chamberlin - a tour which will eventually land us back home in SF April 8th. Tonight we're in Newport Kentucky at the Southgate House.

A few scenes from the Old Rock House in St Louis.

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SXSW in our rearview

With SXSW behind us, we have started our regular national tour. We packed up and left Austin Saturday morning after hitting up the gospel brunch at Stubb's BBQ. Wow did we eat a lot - and Eli Paperboy Reed killed it!

After brunch, we sat in 6 hours of traffic all the way to Denton where we played last night with Ok Sweetheart.

Today we have a day off - we have been spending time with some new friends in Midlake and enjoying the town. It's hot here! Hard to believe in a week we'll be back up north in cold late winter weather.

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SXSW Update

It's a special balance between schlepping gear, circling the city with the trailer, and kicking a little ass at shows that reminds us that it's halfway though our SXSW week. So far it's been a great time for us. Last night we had our official No Depression showcase and we played a sweaty fun set to an enthusiastic crowd. Our friends in Olin and the Moon came up and joined us on Call and Response. We raged it so hard our amps got unplugged. Oops!

Speaking of unplugged - we had a pancake related power meltdown at our first day party (long story) which led to this article featured in Wired:


A brief moment of rest between shows yesterday. That grass was not soft!

More soon!

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SXSW bound

SXSW is like the playoffs - you roll in with whatever you've got. In our case, we didn't let a flat on the trailer stop us at 3am leaving LA.

Also, old habits die hard - we had to get late night post show tacos from our favorite LA taco truck with our favorite late night taco connoisseur.

We'll only settle for the best, or whatever gets us to our friends in Texas and we hope to see some of you along the way.

We'll be in Tempe tonight - see you there!

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Back home, ready for CA shows!

After one hell of a long trip from Manchester, England to San Francisco yesterday, we are back in our native state and time zone and ready for some bay area fun!

We will be in Sacramento tomorrow night, Fresno on thursday night and Santa Cruz on friday at the Crepe Place. After that we begin our SXSW run and National tour. Fun!


Heading home

I'm sitting in the Manchester airport enjoying the last few moments of our trip to the UK. It's hard to believe that almost 3 weeks ago we were just getting off the plane and heading into London at this time. There has been so many great shows and new friends since then!

Thanks to everyone who came out and saw us while we were over here - we had a great time and hope to be back soon.

See you on the other side!

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UK tour winding down

We only have two more shows folks! Then it's back to SF for a few days and off to SXSW and our US tour. Tonight we'll be in Liverpool soaking in musical history, and then Saturday we wrap things up in Ripon.

Thanks to everyone who made this tour awesome - and we hope to be back on this side of the pond soon!

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Final 5 UK shows

We are in the home stretch! Our final 5 show run in the UK starts tonight at the Bull and Gate in London. Then we return to the states to begin our SXSW run in the sun. See you there!

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