Science and Technology

The world is an amazing place. Many years ago, the internet left the dank caves where it evolved and allowed for users of social networking sites to choose their own username or avatar - now in 2009 this technology is back!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me officially introduce the Or, the Whale official Facebook URL:


Here you can find fresh photos, posts about shows, and connect with other fans of the band. Its the most exciting thing to happen since sliced myspace.


Bay Area shows this weekend, and only SF show of the summer!

Ok, I realize the cheddar bunny thing is dead.

We are playing three shows in the bay area this weekend, including a special show in San Francisco this saturday night at the Independent, with our good friends from Seattle, The Maldives.

We are playing at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz Thursday night, Sophia's in Davis on Friday, and then coming back to SF on Saturday for our last hometown show of the summer.

We'll be doing another trip up north in August, and then we get ready for the big one: a 5-6 week National tour to support our brand new record, which is released at the end of September. Things are really starting to get exciting!