Tour Wrap Up

Its been a long time since we've seen the beautiful skyline of our home city! We pulled back in friday afternoon and then played our last show with Chamberlin and Steve Taylor at the Rickshaw Stop. It was a lot of fun, but also kind of bittersweet because after 2 months of touring its "back to normal". Whatever that means.

We have some West Coast dates in the spring which I will post up here soon. Also, we are officially going to begin working on our new (and very overdue) record.

We'd officially like to thank everyone who came out to see us over the past two months in the UK and US. We love you all! And we will see you soon!


Close to home

One quick stop in Reno and then we return to SF Friday night. It's been an amazing 2 months but we're ready to come home and play for our hometown fans.

See you all at the Rickshaw!

- Kenny Bloggins mobile


Whales across the Prairie

We have officially made it back to the West! Tonight we'll be playing at the Walnut Room in Denver. It's a long haul from Lawrence KS to an early soundcheck in Denver, and there's not much to eat.

Luckily we have some friends to keep us company along the way.

Only a week to go and we are back in San Francisco for our end of tour show at the Rickshaw Stop with Chamberlin and Steve Taylor!

See you all soon!

- Kenny Bloggins mobile