Hitting the Beach

We've had enough rain and wind and are heading south to Solana Beach saturday night to play a show with The Mother Hips and Billy Midnight. Details and tickets can be found here - we hear that the show will sell out, so buy tickets in advance!

Then its a week off until we hit the road for 2 weeks with the Maldives heading down to Texas for the too much fun thing.

Our version of Toxic has been creating quite the stir on the internet - don't believe me? Try Googling it!

Things are insane for us right now - big things are happening, and new music is being created. 2010 is off to a great start.

See you all on the beach next weekend!


Top Secret Toxic Project

Its finally here! Our very own secret project is ready for prime time, courtesy of the Fantasy Covers Project podcast on the blog Coke Machine Glow. They have given us special permission to release the song to our fans early. You can download it free!

Or, the Whale - Toxic

We encourage you to share this with your friends, enemies, family, roommates... whomever you think would want to hear it. Right click to download, distribute, and indulge, compliments of us here at the Whale's Tale.

In other news, Alex has a feature at The Black Harbor as part of their new Auditory Viewing series. These are very good friends of the band, and they also recently did a video feature on Justin.

Immediately after last week's "List of Lists" posting, we discovered about 10 more lists that we were on. I am not going to post them all here - but needless to say we Thank You all for helping us have an awesome 2009. Things are going to get even better in 2010! Our first show of the year is less than a month away, and our awesome tour with The Maldives down to South By Southwest is less than 6 weeks away!