Good weather, good shows

We have been blessed with some sunshine. Yesterday we had time off in Leeds to explore. There were several rainbows overhead all day long.

Other than playing shows we've spent a fair amount of time in the pub getting to know the local accents and drinking our share of fine ales.

And a little of this, whatever this is.

Tonight we play an early show in Barnsley and then we are off to London for a day off and our show on 3/1. Time is flying by - we'll be home in a week!

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New friends and merch

Great show in Manchester last night. And the new shirts look great! Thanks Dave!

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UK road warriors

After a week touring over here we've found our stride. So far so good! Shows have been well attended etc... But what about food and beer? Yes, that's been fantastic! Highlights include mussels at Brel in Glasgow.

Also we had a proper breakfast in Edinburgh.

Tonight we are in Manchester at Night and Day and tomorrow have a well deserved day off. (ie, more eating and drinking with a slight possibility of laundry)

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Kids in a candy store

This is just a quick post to let the world know that dreams have been fulfilled here in Edinburg. Over 100 malt whiskies - and we tried as many as we could before the bar shut down. Feeling a bit cloudy this morning.

Off to Glasgow for more!

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Scotland Bound

After a wonderful night in Leicester (pictured) we are making the long haul up to Edinburg for our show tonight. So far we've had a wonderful time and all is good!

We don't get much Internet access - but when we do I'll keep updating the blog. The only good free wi-fi access is at service areas on the freeway. We are pretty spoiled in the US with our free Internet everywhere.

Anyway - next post from Scotland!

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Day off in Wales

First we stopped by Avebury to check out the stone circle and grab a few pints at the pub. Then we drove down (or over?) to Wales for the night.

Today we spent a lot of time running around the castles. What an epic day!

More soon! And shows!

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All is well in the UK

We arrived in London yesterday morning to a very pleasant spring like day. Once we figured out how to drive and where we were going (and how to power on the gps) we were off to our first gig at The Garage.

The show was great! This was our first international audience and we were kind of blown away with how many people came to see us. We were also impressed with the delicious assortment of snack foods the UK has to offer.

Such as these. After the show we demolished just about everything because missed dinner. Then we slept. And slept.

Tonight we head down to Ascot for show #2 and then we get a day off. I'll post more when I can.

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Happy Valentine's from OTW

Are you feeling the love? We are! We are under the 48 hour mark to catch our flight to London. This is very exciting, because its the first time we will have traveled that far east. Usually we halt at the western edge of the Atlantic but not this time - this time we are skipping over the whole thing like a stone (with jet engines on it).

The final list of UK shows is on the website.

I will be updating this blog regularly from the UK - and then again when we return to the states (we have a national tour coming up starting march 8th). No promises that it won't all be about food... you know how we like to party.

- KB