All is well in the UK

We arrived in London yesterday morning to a very pleasant spring like day. Once we figured out how to drive and where we were going (and how to power on the gps) we were off to our first gig at The Garage.

The show was great! This was our first international audience and we were kind of blown away with how many people came to see us. We were also impressed with the delicious assortment of snack foods the UK has to offer.

Such as these. After the show we demolished just about everything because missed dinner. Then we slept. And slept.

Tonight we head down to Ascot for show #2 and then we get a day off. I'll post more when I can.

- Kenny Bloggins mobile

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a said...

Hi guys, don't come to Glasgow on the wrong day! The tour schedule on the blog shows the original announced date but its now 22nd. The attached link shows that the gig will be acoustic. Will the whole band be there and what about the pedal steel?http://www.brelbarrestaurant.com/entertainment/details.php?dat_date=2011-02-22