Purpwhale Rain

It's pretty awesome to be hanging around the place where Purple Rain was filmed. The neighborhood seems to have changed a lot since the 80's - it's much more corporate now, but 1st Avenue and 7th Street Entry looked familiar. If you listen closely you can still hear the echoes of Prince's motorcycle in the alleyways.

Other perks of the Midwest: cheese curds. Julie and Tim bought a bag and everyone got to enjoy these squishy squeaky salty little clumps of delicious dairy.

And no, the orange color did not kill anybody, as one might think. (you know, those east coast cheese purists who scoff at orange coloring... yours truly for example)

Today we are enjoying a day off in Minneapolis with These United States. I'll post results of the bowling games - but I think we're gonna kick their asses! (keep your fingers crossed for OTW)


Anonymous said...

Hey Gang,

Should I be expecting you late on Thursday after the Pittsburg show? I can have hot soup and 7 beds ready and waiting and you can sleep until it's time to drive to NYC on Friday. Alex, tell them you know them, tell them not to be afraid of this strange stalker offering refuge. My boys are coming to see you in Pitt; look for the bald head--Davy shaved his head for reasons we will never know. HOpe to see you, Alison Coppock

amy said...

Wish I could come...what kind of soup?? Amy