Big Cat, Street Meat, and the long ride home

Friday night in Seattle and it can only mean one thing - street meat after the show! We usually don't do too much experimentation with meat, but this guy really knew how to dress a hot dog in an interesting and creative manner. Putting our trust and faith in him, we were able to soar to new heights of hot dog deliciousness.

Yes, I realize that the majority of the tour blog has been about food, but its a really important part of playing in a band, I promise.

Lindsay took this awesome shot of a jaguar at the Seattle Zoo. To this guy, we were the street meat - walking hot dogs with interesting adornment. Luckily he was behind a wall - lucky for us, but we are not going to begin an ethical debate. We'll just take it at face value that its pretty amazing to be that close to the mystical jaguar.

We are heading back to San Francisco today. The tour is over! We are playing a few Bay Area shows at the end of the week, including our big hometown show at the Independent in SF on saturday night with our heroes the Maldives from Seattle.

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