The Art of Snacking and Distraction

First, ponder the Corn Nut. Place it gently into your mouth and reflect on its salty deliciousness. Then, accept it for what it is: chew it, swallow, and feel good about snacking. Alex demonstrates this nicely in this photoset.

We had a long drive from San Diego to Tucson yesterday. Needless to say, a large amount of snacking was done. We are driving a fancy new van with a Playstation 2, GPS, and basically so many screens that you can't even see the road at all:

Add a heap of iphones, laptops with 3G connectivity, books, and maybe some conversation to the mix, and you've got a recipe for surviving an 8 hour drive with absolutely no discomfort or want for the fruits of the modern world.

We have a day off tonight which will be spent in Santa Fe. Tomorrow night we'll be at the High Dive in Denver - see you there!

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