Hey folks! Been a while.

So, here's the deal: after a few months of "hiatus" we are playing a show at the Independent in SF. We are splitting the bill with Victoria George and there will be some collaborations in each set. Information can be found here

In other news, after this show, the future of the band is completely up in the air. Chances are we will continue to be on hiatus - there is a small chance that we will completely cease operation. This is not a unanimous decision, so perhaps there will be a future for OTW - but in the meantime come see what is definitively our last show for a while.

I'll post more as I learn more about the situation.

Kind regards,

Kenny Bloggins

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jenni said...

Can't believe you may split up! We only found you a year ago-ish...come on guys come back and rock Britain...PLEASE !!!!!!!