Whales in the News

Did anyone catch this story in the news? Recent data suggets that blue whales are changing their songs for an unknown reason. According to researcher Mark McDonald (probably no relation to Michael) there has been a steep decline in the pitch of their songs since the 1960's. The whales use their songs to create a communication network around the world. This is probably better than what we've got because iPhones can't get wet. Score 1 for the Blue Whales, 0 for the Or, the Whales.

But unlike our giant blue brethren, we are preparing to crank it up a notch in 2010. Nothing to be forlorn about on our end - I can't spill all the beans, but I can say that we have planned a March Tour and will be announcing dates shortly. And maybe some whales in international waters in the not too distant future?

Stay tuned.

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