Midwest Leg

Cracker Barrel. Sounds a little scary, doesn't it? Well fear not, good people. Or, the Whale will eat at said establishment and report on it. Driving up from Knoxville through Kentucky, we had to stop at this 8th Natural Wonder of the world. Our wonderful server, Becka, helped us peruse the extensive menus.

"Does this have meat in it?"


"Is this cooked with butter?"


Ahh, oh well. Turns out their salad is plenty good sans bacon and a plain baked potato with some BBQuay sauce hits the spot. Alex is fed! Mmmm. The gang got meatloaf sandwiches (Jesse and Justin, typically together), chicken and dumplings (Julie, typical), grilled catfish (Lindsay), and some chicken sandwich thing (Matt). Everything was surprisingly good, especially the endless Diet Cokes (floating away....) and the wonderful service. Then, Jesse and Justin played checkers afterward. Fun!

After a long drive, we arrived just in time to set up for our radio show on WEFT in Champaign. We have the set recorded and if anything is decent, maybe we'll put it up on the site. Afterwards, we hung out with Mike Ingram at Cowboy Monkey (the venue we're playing at in two weeks) for some beers. Lindsay and I ended up singing a couple songs on stage with Matt, Jesse, and Justin heckling us. You get up here and try it, pricks!

We'll be playing in Muncie, Indiana with a couple great bands tomorrow at Village Green Records. Should be fun. Then on to Louisville, Ohio, and Pittsburgh. I'll get someone else to blog next.

Alex and OTW


Sean said...

Thanks for the update. It does my heart good. But why doesn't anyone have "tofeatloaf" or "tofumplings". I'm betting there aren't a lot of vegans in
in that neck of the woods. By the way, did you happen to go through Padukah, Kentucky??? You know that you have some "kin" there, right? Yep, Grandma Sally's "people" landed there in the early 1900s.....Sunny Bright and his clan. Anyway,stay safe and Happy Trails. Lots of Love,
Momma Robins

Brittany said...

Alex never fear. i am counting down the days until i get to see you at mile high and there will be vegan food at every meal. maybe i will attempt to make a vegan chocolate cake...mmm. sounds like you guys are having the time of your life- i am so very jealous. i miss you and we are going to have to have a little conversation about your vans and fires. pour some out for annabelle.

love britt