Towards Thee We Roll...

And Call to Landlocked Masses!

We will be embarking on our tour at around 9am on Saturday morning. Hold tight, San Diego. We'll be coming to rock your britches and shake your hands. For more info on all the shows check us out here and here. The latter website has pretty damn efficient information on each show (directions/venue websites/bandwebsites/price/ages/etc). Thanks Julie for all your hard work!

For now, we'll be packing and buying loads and loads of strings. We'll update this as regularly as we can but the first few days will have lots of driving involved so please be patient. Hope to see you soon!

Alex and OTW

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Sean said...

We're SOOO excited!! See you all tomorrow night! I don't know if San Diego it ready for your awesomeness! Drive carefully. xoxo
Momma Robins
P.S. I have to use Sean's acct. I don't have gmail. But I want to roll along with you on your tour.(metaphorically speaking) And so would Sean...